Non-profit Samples

Maritime Gloucester, like many non-profits, has one major community event each year to attract community awareness and support. They have been constantly expanding their educational services, and this video was designed to update their base, and well as newly interested contributors.


“Let the kids sell the reason” was the strategy behind this  fundraising very well-received video. In fact the Y raised $625,000 — $25K over our goal, and $95,000 more than last year


Established in 1793, Lowell's Boat Shop of Amesbury, Massachusetts is the oldest continuously operating boat shop in America; the birthplace of the legendary fishing dory. "Dedicated to Craft," was installed in the Shop's new museum exhibit space as an orientation video for visitors. The video is also on-line, and accompanies their grant applications.


Changing a Life One Kid at a Time is a development video that we produced for a YMCA Annual Gala. We all dug in and focused intensely on this project for a week, and shot the video on location, in Haverhill, MA, on the very day that Tropical Storm Sandy hit our New England shores. The ride home in my little Honda Fit was quite an adventure!


Maritime Gloucester, had just re-structured, re-branded, and re-established a stronger mission and focus on children’s educational experiences. We discovered a great young talent to deliver the voice-over and shot a video that both positioned and documented the exciting direction Maritime Gloucester was headed.


“A Legacy of Love” was produced to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Fragment Society of Boston. The video premiered on October 19, 2012, on the 200th Anniversary of the founding meeting of the Society in 1812. A women’s charitable organization, operated solely by volunteers, the Fragment Society provides clothing and bedding to needy families, especially children, and has remained true to its mission, uninterrupted, for 200 years. This is their story.


This is nearly a commercial in style, but it was shot on an extremely low budget. Framing, lighting and performance contribute to deliver the message.  The kids are great. It’s one of my favorites.