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Analytics Prove Short Videos Work Best:

 "A Business Approach for Producing Social Media Videos: Six Tips for Producing Effective Streaming Videos."

Placing compelling video content on your web site improves brand awareness while increasing both traffic to your site and the length of the session times. As a result, your website becomes more valuable to both your enterprise and prospective customers. But viewers are ruthless; make sure you know the rules. Read our white paper to learn more.



Design Effective On-Line Videos

Five tips:

1.) Address the viewer's concerns, not yours. Position the message in terms of what the viewers is looking for.

2.) Make the message short. The viewer has very little time and wants find what they need and move on.

3.) The old training maxim holds true:

  • Tell them what you are going to tell them,
  • Tell them, and
  • Tell them what you told them.

4.) ALWAYS work from a written script. Take the time to write a concise script. Test the message to make sure that it resonates with your sample audience. It's important that they listen to the script, and not read it, because that's the way the viewer will experience your message. 

5.) The Medium is the Message: If you are saying that your video message (and, by association, your company) offers the best solution (quality, product, information, etc.), the video better look and sound the part. Poor lighting, distorted audio, and amateur editing all trump the spoken word in your video and say to the viewer:  "This is all we were willing to invest in you."


North Shore Communications Group.

We have over 200 of our videos at  It's kind of a "bulletin board" of project in work, and projects that we have done.

All our work comes through referral. We are carried soley on our reputation.

Our project pre-production process is a unique combination of strategic and professional production services.

Many of our clients have recognized the value of rapid video deployment, and push videos out quickly to the internet through a wide variety of portals. Here is an example of a technical video for the Analog Devices ADA4930 currently running on their YouTube channel:

Analog Devices Video Sample

If you type: ADA4930 into Google's search engine, you will be surprised how many hits the video produces.

Video is Preferred Over Text

The method of disseminating information is changing rapidly. It doesn't cost a fortune to have a video presence on the internet. To take advantage of the power of video for social media, please give us a call.