Our office is just off the top of Rt. 128, on Rt. 127 heading towards Rockport, about 45 miles or 50 minutes from downtown Boston.

Driving North on Rt. 128. There is one interchange on Rt. 128 N to watch out for around Peabody. Just after the Rt. 1 South exit, Route 95 splits off from Rt. 128, and heads off to NH. The exit numbers will change. Rt. 95 North exits on the right to NH. Stay left, and follow the Exit 45  - Rt.128 North signs to Gloucester. You will know you are getting close when you cross the Andrew Piatt Bridge over the Annisquam River Cut. Once past the bridge, you will go through two traffic circles, (Grant and Blackburn Circles). Enter at the bottom of each traffic circle and exit at the top. As you come out of the top of the Blackburn Circle (the second traffic circle), you will go over the top of a hill. Up on top of the ledge on your left you will see Gloucester Engineering.

Move to the left-hand lane. At the bottom of the hill is a traffic light. Turn left at the light onto Rt. 127 - Rockport.. You will go up a hill and pass Jeff's Variety store on your right. In the next block, on your right, you will see a three-story red brick building that looks remarkably like a depression-era public school house. That's the Para Research Building. Turn right into 85 Eastern Avenue at the first driveway, just before the Coldwell Banker sign.
Drive around to the back and park. Enter through the door under the awning in the back of the building, and walk down the hall past the mailboxes and turn left. You will see the elevator on the left. Take the elevator to the first floor.  Turn right when you get out of the elevator, turn right again into the first hallway after the glass case. Suite 107 is on the right, next to Clear Minds.  You've made it!



Edit Suite 107
85 Eastern Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930