corporate product samples

With animations by award-winning designer David Masher, “bumpers” like these set the mood for excitement in a sales, trade show or user’s conference. This is one of a series of media elements for a three-day trade show produced for Centrifuge Media, Inc.


For attracting investment, new customers, and shareholders, how do you concisely present the features and benefits of a compelling technology as briefly as possible? This video combines a product orientation and endorsement to present a product from a user’s point of view.


Placing a branded product within an instructional video strongly affiliates the value of the brand with a value of the technology, without “selling.” Prospective customers, when searching on-line, prefer “discovering” solutions, rather than being “sold” a solution.


Here is an example of an economically-produced software product demonstration  designed quickly and comprehensively present the features and benefits of a cloud-based software solution.


Sharing Keynote presentations on-line extends the value of the time invested in creating a PowerPoint Presentation, and allows additional viewers the ability to watch “On-Demand.”