Corporate social Samples

Presented by the company’s lead scientist, this is example of how we approach the creation of a comprehensive overview of a complex technology. Originally designed for a Technology Fair, the video is now running on the corporation's Facebook and YouTube channel.


This is an example of how we can create immediacy and interest by converting a live trade show presentation as "breaking news" for distribution as social media. This ran on our client’s site, as well as YouTube and select industrial portals.


This brief video was produced as a teaser to promote a specialized “invitation-only” trade show occurring world-wide in 21 cities. The video is designed to summarize the features and benefits to prospective attendees. Our client aggressively distributed this video to targeted prospects the corporate web sites, engineering portals, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-newsletters, and e-mail blasts.


Hyperion is part of a manufacturing solution owned by GT Advanced Technologies, to solve the problem of thick wafers with a technique called Proton Induced Exfoliation (PIE).  We produced this video in just three days. It was written and narrated by Geoff Ryding, a world leader in innovative ion implantation. We worked as a team to simplify the presentation of a very complex technology.


We have long promoted the idea that, within the field of technology, engineers would prefer "straight talk" from a design engineers than a polished marketing pitch. Here is an example of a "no-frills" presentation that delivers the features and benefits of a innovative technology, without the hype.