North Shore Communications Group, Inc. was founded by Barry O’Brien in 2000.

North Shore Communications Group, Inc. evolved from Media For Business (1998 – 2000), which grew out of Stable Communications (1986 – 1998), which was the expansion of Audio Visual Services (1977 – 1986). In essence, it’s been one, long evolution of successful communication companies evolving with ever-changing technologies and services to help clients employ media to communicate more effectively.

Barry O'Brien has extensive experience in reviewing, defining and managing communications strategies for corporate clients. He has been the director of a corporate communications department. He has managed large-scale communications projects. He is recognized for his “can-do” philosophy, creative problem solving and the ability to explain complex technologies simply.  He has provided communication tools for companies in retail, medical, pharmaceutical, financial services, high-tech, construction, health care, manufacturing, and defense.

Barry O’Brien received a Bachelor in Science in Film & Television Production and a Masters in Science, Cum Laude, in Instructional Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Barry began his career as media specialist for the Drug Education Program for the State of Florida. At the completion of the ESEA Federal Development Grant, Barry became the Director of Communications for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, responsible for production of all company meetings and events, including sales, training and marketing. As Liberty Mutual was the leading provider of workman’s compensation insurance, the communications department also created a stream of environmental safety programs for many of the major corporate policyholders.

In 1977, Barry struck out on his own to found Audio Visual Services, an outsource for Boston-based corporations. In the intervening years, two other independent marketing and media businesses evolved from AVS to provide compelling presentations for sales meetings, satellite shows, product roll-outs, infomercials, retail displays, web sites, interactive media, and e-Learning systems. Barry has tracked the changes in the nature of communication from ballroom sales meetings to web-based communication.

Today, North Shore Communications Group, Inc. is a full-service communications company and offers a number of specialties:

Streaming video for the internet - We now design videos video specifically for streaming. We help you to design and script messages that keep viewers on your site. We  help you to analyze the video analytics, and to develop video strategies based on your viewers behavior.

Knowledge on Demand(SM) – Our service to capture and deploy fully-indexed presentations by corporate leaders and experts on the web.

MyBusinessCast(SM)  – Our Podcasting for business, to record and distribute presentations lectures, training, marketing and sales presentations on-demand.


Along with these specialties, we offer

  • Scriptwriting
  • Location video production
  • Location Audio recording
  • Video editing
  • Executive speech coaching
  • Corporate meeting design and production servicesPrint design and development
  • A/V event management
  • Rich-media content for web sites


We Succeed when You Succeed

 For as long as we have been in corporate communications, it’s always been about becoming part of our client’s team. We work well with individuals who need individual attention. Based on your requirements, we assemble a team of specialists specifically for your project. We provide written estimates and schedules for every production. Every expense is clearly line-itemed. There are no mark-ups for sales commissions, or sales rep fees – just materials and labor for the skilled work we do as well as we can.